Coady Wing

PhD Candidate
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Syracuse University

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Evaluations


Coady Wing
Center for Policy Research
426 Eggers Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1020

Phone: (315) 299-5364


Journal Publications

"Effects of Written Informed Consent on HIV Testing Rates: Evidence From a Natural Experiment" American Journal of Public Health 99(6) (2009)

“Reply to Comments: Effects of Written Informed Consent on HIV Testing: Evidence From a Natural Experiment.” American Journal of Public Health Forthcoming.

Book Chapters

“Poverty and Income Support for Minority and Immigrant Children in Rich Countries” (with Timothy Smeeding and Karen Robson). In Masten, A, Hernandez, D, and Liebkind, K (eds.) Capitalizing on Migration: The Potential of Immigrant Youth. Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.

“Differences in Social Transfer Support and Poverty for Immigrant Families with Children: Lessons from the LIS” (with Timothy Smeeding and Karen Robson). In Grigorenko, EL, and Takanishi, R (eds.) Immigration, Diversity, and Education. (2009) Routledge.

“Information Disclosure as an Environmental Policy Instrument and Self-regulatory Tool.” (With Stephan Schott). In Doern, G.B (eds.) Innovation, Science, Environment: Policies and Practices. (2006) McGill-Queens University Press.

Work In Progress

“What Do Biometric Surveys Really Tell Us About HIV Prevalence In Africa: A Partial Identification Approach.”

“Elder Poverty in an Aging World: Conditions of Social Vulnerability, Low Income for Women in Rich and Middle Income Nations.” (With Timothy Smeeding, Peter Saunders, and Qin Gao). Under Review

“Military Service and Later Labor Force Outcomes: A Life Course Approach.” (With Douglas Wolf, Janet Wilmoth, and Andrew London).

“The FMLA At Fifteen: Employer Compliance and the Provision of Family Leave.” (With Amy Armenia and Naomi Gerstel).

“How Does Citizenship Affect Immigrant Outcomes: Evidence From The EU SILC.” (With Timothy Smeeding and Karen Robson).

“The Role of Online Communication and Information Disclosure in Social and Commons Dilemmas.” (With Stephan Schott). Under Review

Reviewer: American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management